Ginger had three beautiful and vibrant puppies on February 5, 2017!
Mother and puppies are in excellent shape, and thriving...

Ginger and her puppies

Ginger's puppies:
Red Merle Female NBT, Red Tri Female NBT, Black Bi Male w/tail

Tails will be left natural (not docked).

More photos to follow....

Ginger and Boo - Australian Shepherds

RATCHX ArcticRose Ginger Kisses PT RA CA JHD-s TN-E OJC / Artic Rose Ginger Kisses STDds GS-N JS-E RA DNA-VP   WTCH Skyway's Tru Blu Genes DNA-VP
– Ginger –   – Boo –

DOB 1 March 2011

Ginger is an animated bundle of focused energy. Her enthusiasm is contagious and rewards her with many friends. Extremely smart, Ginger is both the tearcher's pet and class clown.

Ginger is the epitome of versatility. There isn't a sport or activity that she doesn't thoroughly enjoy. View the other pages on this website for more about Ginger.

Red Tri (w/white and copper)
Height: 19.5"
Weight: 35 lbs.
Eyes: amber
Teeth: Full dentition, scissors bite
Tail: NBT
OFA: Good
OFA Eyes/CERF: (10/2016) Clear - no notations
PRA-prcd: Clear
MDR1: Clear
DM: Clear
HC-HSF4: Clear
CEA/CH: Carrier
CD: Clear
NCL6: Clear
CMR1: Clear
HUU: Clear


DOB 24 September 2006

Boo is a vibrant and talented stock dog, and a total sweetheart. He has his ASCA Stockdog Championship (WTCH). He also has 9 pts in ASCA conformation and two majors.

Boo passes on his athletic abilities and biddability to his offspring (in the U.S. and Europe) who are currently excelling in a variety of performance sports, including herding, agility, obedience, rally, Barn Hunt, nosework... the list goes on.

Blue Merle Bi (w/white), Red-Factored
Height: 21"
Weight: 49 lbs.
Eyes: (left) blue, (right) blue/brown
Teeth: Full dentition, scissors bite
Tail: long/docked
OFA: Good
OFA Eyes/CERF: (9/2011) Clear - no notations
PRA-prcd: Clear
MDR1: Clear
DM: Clear
HC-HSF4: Clear
CEA/CH: Clear
Thyroid: Normal

Photos of Boo

A little about Boo, from his owners...

Living with Boo (from MaryAnn) -

My first dog lived to be 18 years old. My next was my constant companion for over 23 years. After losing him, I looked long and hard for my next Australian Shepherd. I finally found Pat Lambeth and Little Spot Kennels in early 1985, and purchased two littermates. They were outstanding, smart, capable dogs who both lived into their 20’s, my constant companions and hard working ranch dogs. After saying good-bye to Skid and Tug, it took a little while for me to work up to another. I finally went back to Pat and ended up choosing the one Pat liked best conformation-wise, but I chose the dog himself, the one with the old wise eyes, Boo.

Boo is co-owned, with Pat handling the showing and breeding, while he lives and works with me.

Boo is an incredible combination of the first two Little Spot dogs I had. He is “my kind” of dog. He is an alpha dog, smart, capable, bold and confident. He is extremely kind hearted and fun loving, wants to be with you, work for you, and never quits you when it gets tough !!! And he can get tough !!!

Boo lives on a horse ranch–I foal and raise many valuable horses, and the most important thing on this ranch is the word “Stop”. Boo has to be in the right place at the right time every time, but he must NEVER bite or take ahold of any horse EVER. That is a big order for a dog who works sheep and cattle as aggressively as he can. He is allowed to run the neighbor’s peacocks back home, he may run the mudhens off the pond when I tell him, but he may not bother the wild Mallards, or Canada Geese. This requires good sense and wisdom on his part. He is people friendly, very socialized, loves children, but is also very protective of me and my family. I have no doubt that he would protect me at all costs.

I have always believed Boo could do so much more than I am capable of doing with him. I am so proud to see the avenues that so many of his offspring have taken. I see so many of the Boo qualities that I treasure passed on in his puppies, and it makes me very proud.

I have a motto that I have always reminded Pat each time she has shown or trialed Boo: "It doesn’t matter if he wins every show. In the end, I know who the best dog is, and he goes home with me.”

Training and Trialing Boo (from Pat) -

I was pleasantly surprised with Boo's natural heading talents on cattle and his ability to move off stock when told to get out. He's the kind of dog that once told something and corrected, he's got it. I never trained him for anything except stock, but he's extremely agile and sure footed.

Photos of Boo

Pedigree of Ginger x Boo Puppies


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