Ginger in Rally

Ginger and I started in Rally to practice our team building skills in a friendly and fun environment. It has been a wonderful learning experience for both of us. Both the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) and the American Kennel Club (AKC) have Rally competitions. To date, Ginger has her "Rally Advanced" (RA) in ASCA and her "Rally Advanced" in AKC.

Alaska's first ASCA Rally trial took place in March 2012. This was the first time Ginger and I had competed in any dog sport. We took 3rd in the AM trial with a 187, and 1st in the PM trial with a 195 (qualifying X score). Ginger earned her ASCA RN title in her third ASCA Rally Trial with a score of 193. There were over 20 entries in Novice B that day. Congrats Ginger! Ginger earned her Rally Advanced in July 2014 in Chugiak, Alaska.

Ginger's ASCA Rally Results
Class Trial Date Location Score
Novice A March 17, 2012 Alaska 187
Novice A March 17, 2012 Alaska 195
Novice B July 6, 2012 Alaska 193
Advanced B July 6, 2013 Washington 178
Advanced B September 21, 2013 Colorado 175
Advanced B July 2014 Alaska 198

A perfect score in ASCA Rally is 200. A qualifying score is 170 or higher.
A qualifying "X" score is 195 or higher.

In her AKC Rally career, Ginger has received her Rally Advanced title.
We are currently competing in Excellent...

Ginger's AKC Rally Results
Class Trial Date Score Place
Novice A April 14, 2012 88 3rd
Novice A April 15, 2012 94 2nd
Novice A May 12, 2012 81 2nd
Advanced A May 13, 2012 86 3rd
Advanced A October 20, 2012 95 2nd
Advanced A October 21, 2012 86 4th
Excellent A March 2, 2013 77 1st

A perfect score in AKC Rally is 100. A qualifying score is 70 or higher.

For more info on the Australian Shepherd Club of America's Rally program, please visit
For more info on the American Kennel Club's Rally program, please visit


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