Ginger's Family Ginger was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, on March 1, 2011, along with her five beautiful sisters...

Ginger & DelilahTori & RumorBreezy & Rocki

Above puppy photos courtesy of Sheri Nelson, the puppies' breeder.

Liz & Striker's Only Litter

Ginger, Red Tri, lives in Anchorage, AK
Rumor, Red Tri, lives in Eagle River, AK
Tori, Red Tri, lives in Fairbanks, AK
Delilah, Red Tri, lives in Fairbanks, AK
Breezy, Red Merle, lives in Juneau, AK
Rocki, Red Merle, lives in WA

See more of Ginger's family in her Pedigree.


Ginger's half-siblings on Striker's side (aka Strikletts)...

Tobble and HickoryWillow and Neela

Ginger's half-siblings and cousins on Liz's side...

Haley and Chevy Haley and Skyler
Above photos courtesy of Haley and Skyler's mom.

Ginger's friends...

GInger, Rumor and Max Friends
Ginger's friends in the parkMore of Ginger's friends


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