On March 1, 2011, a beautiful, energetic, red tri Australian Shepherd came into this world... and life has never been the same since.

This animated bundle of perpetual motion became known as Ginger. Her intelligence, athleticism, agility, playfulness, biddability, and never ending happiness rewards her with many friends.

From herding sheep, ducks, chickens and lawnmowers, to climbing trees at dithering heights, to chasing arctic ground squirrels at warp speed, Ginger gives her all in everything she does. She is the epitome of versatility.

Ginger excels in every sport and activity we try. Along with the activities listed to the left, we can add disc dog, lure coursing, dock diving, swimming, hiking, camping and trick dog... the list keeps growing! I haven't found a sport, yet, that Ginger didn't thoroughly enjoy. In fact, Ginger has competed in every event that ASCA offers - quite an accomplishment! This girl is all about living life to the fullest, and loving every minute of it!

Her greatest achievement to me is being my ever-ready and loving companion...

Ginger and Christine

Christine M. Tait
(owned & loved by Ginger)

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Arctic Rose Ginger Kisses


Search Dogs SEARCH and RESCUE
Joining the Alaska Solstice Search Dogs in 2018, Ginger shows great promise in each discipline she's tried. She loves finding people!
Ginger enjoys tracking in any kind of weather or terrain. In 2018, she earned her AKC TD in Alaska, and her ASCA TD in Colorado.
On February 5, 2017, Ginger had three gorgeous puppies! All three are full of personality, and show amazing performance potential, just like their parents.
Ginger is very keen on herding and enjoys all types of stock. The herding journey is long and very enjoyable! Our bond continues to grow with each practice.
Ginger is very fast, agile, and quick to learn. We continue to improve our teamwork. Practice and trials are such fun with Ginger!
We started Rally as a way to learn team building skills in a fun and enjoyable way. Ginger has her ASCA Advanced title and her AKC Advanced title.
This vermin-finding sport has Ginger hooked, and she's doing very well in it. Ginger is the first dog in Alaska to earn a Barn Hunt championship, RATCH.
Fun times in Alaska wouldn't be complete without your dog pulling you on skis! Ginger is over the top excited for skijoring and all things that involve snow.
Living in Alaska provides extraordinary outdoor opportunities for both dog and human. The Chugach Mts. are a favorite for year-round fun.
We often have get-togethers with Ginger's family and friends. Be it a game of chase or keep away, Ginger is all about having fun and loving life!
The top side of Ginger's pedigree is herding lines, Mistretta and Fairoaks. The bottom is laden with conformation champions. (Health clearances listed.)

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